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 COD Ghosts Perks

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PostSubject: COD Ghosts Perks   Sat Sep 07 2013, 06:43

There are more perks than ever in Call of Duty Ghosts and they are based on a points system. You get 8 points to spend on perks, however, if you sacrifice your secondary weapon and equipment you get more points. Every perk is worth a set value of points from 1 to 5.

Here is a list of the perks courtsey of COD-Ghosts

*(X) = points to use Perk
*Names are still being confirmed

Ghosts Perks List:


raise weapon faster while sprinting (1)
Sleight of Hand – reload faster (2)
Lightweight – move faster (2)
Marathon – sprint for longer (2)
Stalker (2)


Strong Arm – throw grenades farther (1)
Reload while sprinting (2)
Switch between primary and secondary weapons quicker (name not known) (2)
Steady aim – increased hip-fire accuracy (2)
Quickdraw – aim down sights faster (2)


No death indicator (1)
Blind Eye - provides stealth against aggressive killstreaks (2)
Off the Grid – immune to UAV (2)
Dead Silence – make less/no noise (2)
no red name when targeted? immune to thermal scopes? (2)


Recon (1)
Scavenger – resupply (2)
Sitrep – detect enemy equipment (2)
Awareness – hear enemies easier (2)
Wiretap – use enemy Sat Com’s -UAV (2)


Less/no fall damage (1)
Painkiller – increased health (2)
Toughness – less flinch when shot (2)
Tac Mask – increased flash/concussion resistance (name not known) (2)
Blast Shield/Flak Jacket – increased explosives resistance (2)


Tac Reset – Extra tactical grenade (name not known) (1)
Extra lethal grenade (name not known) (2)
Extra Ammo (2)
Three attachments on primary weapon
Danger Close – increased explosive damage (3)


Double Down – re-roll Care Packages (1)
Hardline – earn Killstreaks quicker (2)
Ping – when you kill an enemy it will locate enemies near by the body (2)
Overkill – choose two primary weapons
Momentum – more bullet damage/penetration (5)


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COD Ghosts Perks
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