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 COD Ghosts Kill Streaks

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PostSubject: COD Ghosts Kill Streaks   Sat Sep 07 2013, 06:50

Killstreaks in Call of Duty Ghosts will be free, unlike your primary weapons, perks etc that will cost. Infinity Ward have added over 20 new killstreaks to Ghosts. Killstreaks are not earned just by getting kills but also completing game mode objectives, so, play for the objective.

Killstreaks will be split into three different categories, Assault, Support and Specialist. This time round there will be less air based killstreaks and more ground based ones which will be easier to take out but also make players think a bit more tactically before using their killstreak.

Here are some of the confirmed killstreaks:

Juggernaut Maniac

Helo Scout


Guard Dog


Sat Com

K.E.M Strike/ Odin Strike

If you have anymore, post in the thread


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COD Ghosts Kill Streaks
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